What is Clover Digital Media doing?

30. May, 2017

England 1851; Queen Victoria is on the throne; the year of the ‘Great Exhibition’, and the building of Kings Cross Railway Station. ‘Big Ben’ hasn’t been constructed, and London is filled with poor, and destitute souls, living in the filth of the slums.

John Pitt is a twenty-six-year-old single man, living in Oxford, England, with his mother, and two sisters. He has graduated from the University with a degree in Natural Sciences. After travelling through Africa, he sets out to write a book about how man has evolved into what he believes to be superior intelligence.

When his grandfather’s pocket watch is discovered, it shows him a similarity between primitive man, and modern man, but John Pitt is searching for the truth, where ever it may lead him.

He accepts a wager from his publisher who doesn’t agree with his findings, and makes a trip to London. Circumstances force him to leave London before he can return to Oxford, and he finds himself on an unplanned journey to Australia. On his arrival, he disembarks in Victoria, the main hub of the gold rush.

He meets Piper Wilson, a merchant, who has made his fortune in the colony, and earns enough money to continue his research. Before leaving Melbourne, John Pitt tries to solve a murder; the mystery of the green button which he finds puzzling.

After contacting his family in Oxford, John’s mother sends him his grandfather’s watch, and he discovers, ‘Tears from the Past’.

Can he solve a riddle that’s plagued the colony for over 50 years? Can his intelligence and education ensure his survival? And will he eventually return to England, and his family.

 Ebook release 6th July, 2017

In print release 8th July, 2017

4. Sep, 2015

Yes, The Unusual Cases of Inspector Martinelli is coming out in hardcopy.

It will be available world wide in print, NOVEMBER 2015.

3 books in ONE

  A Vampire in the Vatican
Luciano Martinelli is fifty-two years old and an Inspector in the Vatican City Police. It’s been an easy life for him until one day he investigates five murders, all taking place inside the Vatican. This starts his journey into a world of evil and deceit, of pagan rituals and murder. As luck or divine intervention has it, an ancient parchment guides him to the final solution…but one piece of information is missing. Will Martinelli be able to work it out to end the threat of Armageddon?
Nun with a Gun
Inspector Martinelli decides to take a vacation after his encounters with the vampires in the Vatican. He leaves Rome and flies to Munich, always hoping to meet a ‘Knight of Christ’ and maybe a few ‘Royal’ vampires. Spirits rising from the grave and a Nazi connection has Martinelli baffled until he discovers it revolves around missing Nazi gold. Martinelli discovers a deadly secret going back to 1942. Everything changes when Martinelli finally gets to speak to Sister Maria and he’s surprised at her connection to what is going on in the village. How will the Inspector solve this intricate puzzle?
The Aesinas Codex
Inspector Martinelli is summoned to the Vatican two days after he returns from Bavaria. The pontiff is concerned that the Aesinas Codex, an ancient text sought after by Himmler and the Gestapo during world war two, has been high jacked from an armoured truck while being transported to the Vatican City. Martinelli is told that the satchel containing the codex included a separate single page that had never been translated. On the request of the Brotherhood of the Sword the Inspector finds himself back in Germany as the newly formed fourth Reich is suspected of the theft. He finds himself kidnapped by the fourth Reich and is surprised at what he finds. His interest is sparked when he discovers a vampire connection. Will Martinelli eventually find the codex? Will he discover why it was stolen? And will he be able to work out why the extra page is so important. Join Inspector Martinelli as he seeks the most terrifying vampires yet.

Currently available as an Ebook



22. Jan, 2015

The script for 'Dudes of Tomorrow' is in the works. It is in the 1st draft stage at the moment. It is being planned as a Digital Photographic Novel, combining Photos, text and CGI in panel format like graphic novels to tell the story. Gregory Kime-Arditto is not only writing but also handling the concept art. Photography and CG elements will be handled by both Lisa Kime-Arditto and Gregory Kime-Arditto.

At this point in the pre-production, it is not sure if the characters in the Digital Photographic Novel (DPN) will be actual people or completely CG.

Updates about the progress will be posted as progress is made.